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Rental of bicycles and scooters

Also this year we have prepared for our visitors a fully equipped rental. Want to try a new activity? We will lend you mountain scooters for small and large or downhill mountain bikes for bike park.

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  • Prices include bike and scooter rental and protective helmet
  • We recommend that you check out the rental time of your equipment - the late return tolerance is 5 minutes.
  • The rental price does not include a ticket for a four-seater chairlift.
  • The capacity of bicycles and scooters is limited.
  • Bikes available: Status FSR 2015 Specialized (DH), FATBOY Specialized 2015

To book online, you must first register, PAY a bike or scooter rental (by card payment, bank transfer, etc.) and then schedule the day and time. Half an hour before your reservation, go to the ticket office where you will receive a ticket for instructor. By buying online you will get a 5% discount compared to the ticket office.




             1 hour                   

2 hours

3 hours

Whole day

(11:00 - 18:00)







Downhill scooter

190 CZK180,5 CZK320 CZK304 CZK420 CZK399 CZK600 CZK570 CZK

Downhill bike

220 CZK209 CZK380 CZK361 CZK510 CZK484,5 CZK700 CZK665CZK

Children's bike

or scooter (up to

10 years old)


150 CZK


142,5 CZK


240 CZK


228 CZK


300 CZK


285 CZK


500 CZK


475 CZK

Opening hours
 from 18th MayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctober
Wednesdayclosed11:00-18:00 11:00-18:0011:00-18:0011:00-18:00closed
Thursdayclosed11:00-18:00 11:00-18:0011:00-18:0011:00-18:00closed
Fridayclosed11:00-18:00 11:00-18:0011:00-18:0011:00-18:00closed
Saturday11:00-18:0011:00-18:00 11:00-18:0011:00-18:0011:00-18:0011:00-18:00
Sunday11:00-18:0011:00-18:00 11:00-18:0011:00-18:0011:00-18:0011:00-18:00

If you have questions ...

Do you want to rent off-road scooter or bike? For more information please contact our office ZIMLET Klíny by phone: +420 606 862 686 or email You can find the office next to the Klíny Sports complex.



SUMMER ACTIVITIESRental of bicycles and scooters

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